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Locally sourced and the freshest milk-fed lamb meat means food

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Lamb is possibly the best choice of meat for those looking for the most health benefits.

Lamb Meat is a Protein Powerhouse   


About us

Our company owns a lamb breeding property in several hours from Baku, Azerbaijan. Premium Milk Lamb Co. is a farm to table milk fed lamb provider. All of our products are cut fresh to order, then individually flash frozen to maintain the freshness along with the vitamins, nutrients and flavor. You now have the ability to provide your family with monthly meat deliveries containing the best products available at the best prices. 

We have developed a system to create the best possible eating experience for our customers.

Our lambs are MILK fed only, 100% Organic and Halal. Maximum weight for our lambs varies between 7kg to 11kg. They are receiving the best possible nourishment – milk - free from antibiotics or hormones, steroids , the amount of muscle is optimized which results in a dramatic enhancement in meat tenderness.


Our number one concern is to keep our lambs comfortable -  reducing stress positively impacts on the eating attributes of the meat.


We have developed relationships with numerous producers who we source lambs from.


For further information including pricing about supplying lambs internationally please contact our offices.


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Khojavend, Aghjabadi Region,

Azerbaijan AZ0400

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